Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Shi Liu

I have a new stockist this month, Shi Liu. It's a beautiful bespoke bridal and evening wear shop on St John Street in Islington, run by the eponymous Shi who is lovely - if you go and check out the gorgeous dresses and jewellery there you're likely to get a cup of jasmine tea and a chat into the bargain.

The shop's in a great area of London, just round the corner from Saddler's Wells theatre and Exmouth Market, home of the famous Moorish restaurant Moro. There's a really cute and ideosyncratic flower shop there too, Pod, where I bought a little organic-looking pod-shaped vase on my way back from Shi Liu. I have a bit of a pod-shaped object obsession at the moment...

(Sticking to the wedding theme, if you happen to pick up a copy of
CosmoBride this month you'll see my vintage leaf bracelet with coral featured in a 'Grecian wedding' spread! It's masquerading as a laurel leaf bracelet).


Anonymous said...

I know this was posted a year ago, but does anyone know what is happening to Shi Liu Bridal? The shop has been closed but still have their lovely dresses in the window and a sign saying they are relocating. Does anyone know where and when? The dresses look amazing and don't want to buy one someone else if I know they are re-opening soon!

Kate said...

Hello. I'm not in touch with Shi any more and I noticed that the website is down. Have you tried phoning her to make an appointment? The details are here http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/1204/45454.php
Good luck!

Rochelle said...

Have phoned, emailed, and drop note thru the door with no luck! I'm starting feel slightly stalkerish!
Thanks for getting back to me.