Thursday, 2 April 2009

Spring Greens

A couple more pictures for you today....the uploading to the website will start this weekend...these are Tsavorite garnet with oxidised silver.

A necklace...

And a glamorous pair of of my favourite pieces. These look intriguing peeking out from under your hair or can go full-on old-school glamour with an up-do.

Hope you're enjoying this lovely spring day (on this side of the equator at least). I was beading away on the balcony earlier this afternoon. It's a total sun-trap, I might have even got slightly sunburnt. Off to bake some bread now and do a spot of yoga (in a rare fit of virtuousness).

Nearly forgot to add, photos are by Ellie Laycock.

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Kate said...

love these too...I think that's going to be my response to them all :)