Sunday, 23 January 2011

Making progress on the new collection...

Green amethyst (prasiolite) with oxidised silver.

The name prasiolite  is derived from the Greek prason meaning "leek" and  lithos meaning "stone," so "prasiolite" literally means "leek-green coloured stone."  I wouldn't say it's particularly leek-like, but it does have a lovely ethereal silvery-green colour, which looks rather mysterious with oxidised silver (someone commented that it looks like it has survived a fire, which I love).

I've been combining clusters of stones with lots of fine chains which is time-consuming (a lapse of concentration leads to tangles and prolonged bouts of swearing) but looks very glamorous.  These new pieces remind me of barnacles clinging to rocks and small sea creatures, but the general consensus is that the shapes, especially the necklaces are reminiscent of twenties' jewellery.

Better photos coming soon...

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