Thursday, 17 March 2011

Terrain: New Collection Preview

I'm excited to show you a selection of images from my new collection, Terrain, which is inspired by aerial landscape photographs, rocks and barnacle colonies. This translates into dense clusters of earthy-coloured stones and pearls pinned onto multiple fine oxidised silver chains.
I've used pyrite for the first time here (aka Fool's Gold) which I've been dying to use for ages - it has an amazing futuristic/bronze age look. The beautful silvery green stones are green amethyst (also know as prasiolite).
Until my brand new website is online next month (exciting!), the new pieces can be ordered directly from me, by email or telephone. You can download a catalogue of new items here. The catalogue includes some new additions to the Cluster collection too - rich red rubies and gorgeous pearl pieces which would be perfect for a summer wedding or party. If you'd like to see anything in person, make an appointment to visit me in the studio.
I hope you like these new pieces as much as I do!


acommonthread said...

neat! i LOVE working with pyrite. it's been a favorite of mine since childhood. i love how it's a great mix between glittery and earthy. beautiful stuff!

Kate said...

Thanks! Exactly - glittery but not glitzy.